Some of the sites we work at have been the subject of books, while more general titles provide plenty of background on the hows and whys of conservation.

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Oliver Rackham  Phoenix Press ISBN 9781842124697

Oliver Rackham

Huntingdon Flora and Fauna Society ISBN 9780951442739

     Mike Abbott

This book contains plans for making a pole lathe and shave horse aswell as practical details about other tools, types of wood, and their use to

make a variety of products including chairs, spoons and bowls.

   Mike Abbott

An update of his previous book containing improved designs for pole lathe and shave horse based on experience since publishing his first book with

autobiographic details.

     Ray Tabor

This book describes practical coppice working and the use of the produce, cleaving wood, making hurdles, besom brooms and tent pegs.

    Jack Hill

Contains descriptions of many long forgotten crafts in addition to the woodland crafts.  Brief description of tools, shave horse, steamers and

jigs for bending wood.  Woodland crafts described include making hurdles, sticks, chairs, rakes and besoms.

    H.L. Edlin.

First published in 1948, contains detailed descriptions with photographs of the last traditional woodland workers and their crafts.  Chapters mostly

based around tree species including Ash, Birch, Chestnut, Beech, Hazel, Willow, Elm and Oak and the crafts associated with each of them.

    Robin Wood

Contains information on the history of wooden bowls and bowl turning, with pictures describing bowl turning on a pole lathe.  Looks like a coffee

table book but contains a lot of useful detail.

Elizabeth Agate

Has been extended to include sections on Green woodworking and charcoal making.