Get more involved

If you'd like to get more involved with the running of the group there are several additional roles available. You don't need any particular experience as we can show you ropes but you will need to be reasonably organised and committed to the role. People usually do the long term roles for a few years. If someone is doing the one you're interested in there might be opportunity for shadowing or covering for the current incumbent. We have shared email inboxes for the main roles so it's easy to share the role. If you are interested talk to the leader on a task, email us at or come along to our monthly meeting.

Leaders - various

Many of our volunteers have been doing conservation work for years so don't need much actual leadership and will just get on with the task. We need people to organise tasks on the day; talk to the client beforehand, email the mailing list, collect the tools, buy tea & biscuits, welcome new members, explain the task, give a tools safety talk, boil the kettle, call tea & lunch breaks, collect up all the tools and return them, etc. You don't need to do all of these things yourself but can delegate them to others. There are lots of people to help out. The leader usually drives but they can delegate that too. See below.

Drivers - various

We need at least one car and driver to collect the tools from the toolshed and provide a lift to volunteers if needed to the task site. This is often the leader but doesn't need to be. Additional drivers willing to take volunteers to site are also important.

Task organiser - John

This is a computer based role and involves arranging tasks with clients, typically by email, and managing the calendar. The core of our whole operation!

Treasurer - Nikki

Manages the bank account, produces invoices, pays expenses etc. Again, mostly computer-based.

Tool maintenance - all

Maintain an inventory of tools, arrange cleaning, repairs, sharpening and replacements.

Communications officer - Zoe and others

Maintaining our communication channels, including Twitter, Facebook, mailing list, the website & responding to email queries. These can all be easily shared so any help welcome.